Hasan Haj is a Trainer, Educational Leadership Coach and co-founder of the Coaching Hub. As he was getting more attention in the education industry, it was highly important to create a corresponding logo that would represent him and his dynamic personal approach.
So, Hasan was contemplating the idea of creating a brand that would inspire and guide young students and adults towards a meaningful career path. With a background in mental training, his approach was to focus on enhancing the learner’s mental capacities and clarity. 
So, he came up with the name HD Your Mind and assigned me to design the logo.
When the drafts were reviewed by Hasan, he wanted a more masculine figure, with royal blue and gold colours. In the last sample, I had some fun playing with a picture of Hasan, that I thought would suit the logo and give it a unique signature.
My hunch was right. Hasan absolutely loved the last sample, and we further tweaked the lines of the background stroke to look sharp and direct, corresponding to Hasan’s teaching style and personality.